Why Endeavor?

Affordable and simple – Plus, a concept that has something for everyone!

Some new business may not be able to afford all their business and office space needs upon inception. However, that is not a problem at Endeavor – We have something to meet every new business unique needs! At Endeavor you can find everything from a virtual office to a desk in a co-working space. Need a more private setting? Not a problem! We also have dedicated desk or cubicle options, as well as a private Executive Suite.

Freedom and Flexibility

Endeavor has a membership-based attitude. If, like many new businesses, you are worried about outgrowing your office or work space too quickly, it will never be a problem here. Due to their membership offerings, Endeavor allows a business to move up or down to a workspace that fits its space and budget needs. Businesses, and even individuals, can get a day pass or monthly membership available up to a one year incentivized lease on a private executive suite (this isn’t required!).

Community, Connections, and Collaboration

Research has shown that co-working spaces are conducive to a network of diverse businesses by providing a broad knowledge base in one localized location. These joint work areas also allow for an improved skillset available due to the shared knowledge of individuals and groups working in unison in co-working spaces. Additionally, it is proven that co-work spaces are prone to increasing productivity and self-confidence of individuals due to the mutual support and setting of the entrepreneurial environment. Another benefit of these communal workspaces is the higher morale. The higher morale is contributed to the social aspect and hostile-free workspace. Many of you have likely tried working from your home before, but encounter countless interruptions or find numerous ways to procrastinate. Getting out of a home office gives balance to that family/work separation and balance—You’ll no longer feel unproductive or face distractions and temptations.

Services and Tools Provided to Succeed

If you are concerned that an innovative co-work workspace isn’t able to provide you with traditional office resources and amenities, don’t you fret! From mailboxes to receptionists, Endeavor has it! We cover absolutely everything you need and more in a traditional office space.

  • Administrative Expense
    • Office management, etc.
  • Office Expenses
    • Internet, printer, scanner, etc.
  • Occupancy Expense
    • Cleaning, maintenance, and utilities
  • Up-Front Expense
    • Legal, construction, and design

No Long-term Lease – No Hassle Environment

We know from experience that many leases can be intimidating. Why do you want to confine yourself to a specific space for five years, especially if you have no idea how quickly your business will grow? You’ll never experience that problem at Endeavor! As mentioned above, Endeavor is a membership-based center, sort of like your gym! If you are ready to move up to a bigger space or town to a smaller one, simply give us a 30-days’ written notice and you’ll be good to go! Don’t ever let yourself or your company be tied down to a constrictive lease and boring workspace again!