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Where Should I Meet a Client if I Don’t Have an Office?

By Kristin Rosinus | April 29, 2016

You’re living the dream. You have a successful business, and love the fact that you can run it from home, as that gives you the flexibility of coming and going as you please. But what happens when the persistent clients come knocking at your door, and you’re in the middle of baking cookies with the kiddos? Not so good for professionalism is it? While working remotely has its perks, meeting with clients at home is NOT one of them. So, where SHOULD you meet? While coffee shops are popular locations for business meetings, the hustle and bustle tends to be very distracting, and can affect your meeting, and the decisions both you and your client make immensely. Not to mention, if your business forte requires you to present documents to clients in a manner requires a lot of table space, those little round tables wont do your business any justice...

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Startups Collaboration

What Do The Best Co-Working Spaces Offer?

By Kristin Rosinus | April 14, 2016

It is estimated that 40 percent of the workforce will be made up of freelancers, solo-entrepreneurs and independent contractors by the year 2020. That is where co-working spaces come into play. They offer the most bang for your buck, especially for start-ups and freelancers. But what do the very best co-working spaces offer?   One major problem the modern freelancer faces is social isolation. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day can be exhausting, even if you’ve only physically moved away from your desk to grab a snack in the kitchen. By definition, co-working spaces remove the element of isolation with shared offices, work tables and coffee lounges. However, the best co-working spaces offer more than a lounge. Look out for game rooms, gyms, on-site bicycles and unique locations to make your work experience not only more productive, but more engaging as well. If done right, a co-working...

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Co-Working Space

By Kristin Rosinus | March 28, 2016

Co-working or “Collaborative workspace”, a concept born from a need to suit the modern day business professional. Much more often, modern professionals are working from home or on the road, limiting their ability to focus on important tasks and stay organized. Additionally, we are now a society of networkers, individuals connecting through social media for social interaction, quickly and constantly, it is only natural that we evolve our professional interactions to mimic the benefits we have attained from this renaissance of communication. We want more enjoyment, and we are starting to expect it of our professional careers as well, work life balance is a key to the success of a company these days. Co-working spaces offer a great number of benefits to its patrons, one of which is a more fun and upbeat work environment. Many large companies pride themselves and put a great amount of effort into creating a...

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Why Endeavor?

By Bjorn Rosinus | March 10, 2016

Affordable and simple – Plus, a concept that has something for everyone! Some new business may not be able to afford all their business and office space needs upon inception. However, that is not a problem at Endeavor – We have something to meet every new business unique needs! At Endeavor you can find everything from a virtual office to a desk in a co-working space. Need a more private setting? Not a problem! We also have dedicated desk or cubicle options, as well as a private Executive Suite. Freedom and Flexibility Endeavor has a membership-based attitude. If, like many new businesses, you are worried about outgrowing your office or work space too quickly, it will never be a problem here. Due to their membership offerings, Endeavor allows a business to move up or down to a workspace that fits its space and budget needs. Businesses, and even individuals, can...

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Endeavor Grand Opening

By Bjorn Rosinus | February 8, 2016

After much anticipation Endeavor Innovative Workspaces will be opening April 1, 2016. Endeavor is a Fort Myers, Florida first; A co-working business center, offering everything from virtual offices, to large and private executive suites. What is co-working, you ask? A co-working center is a place where individuals, or groups, can have a turn-key workspace tailored their specific needs and budget. Innovative co-workspaces are greatly suited for individuals such as ones with a new startup, someone who currently works out of their home or a coffee shop, or anyone who wants to avoid the hassle of a long-term lease. Co-working workplaces also provide the benefit of bringing people together, allowing them to grow a business network and ultimately creating a sense of community that people would not be able to experience working alone in a space. To continue with the community feel, Endeavor hosts monthly after-hours functions to further encourage camaraderie...

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